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Take the Leap and Travel

Trio of Sepia images from my solo trip to NYC. photos by Katty Janneh

My first solo adventure was 9 years ago.

I had been made redundant and because they gave no notice, I received a nice litte payout.

I was umming and ahhing about what to do as 2 months in I still didn’t have a job. Then my sister suggested a holiday

I didn’t want to blow it all on a holiday but she found me a beauty of a deal! Return flight to NYC in August £250…SOLD!! (2009 btw)

Stayed in a Hostel in Harlem at a Hostel It was apparent to the locals quite quickly that I wasn’t a local before I even spoke so, I did get some stares but thankfully they were harmless. I did arrange to meet friends that were living there and, had  a nice afternoon being shown around  Brooklyn but, Being alone was the best part of my trip. I have my interests that don’t really fit with my family and friends…i guess some of my likes would be seen as…well odd. To have any of them and friends would truly hinder my enjoyment. I like to  get up and explore places and things…take my time…get lost on purpose and see where I end up.

I can spend hours in a  museum or Art Gallery if I see inspiring things. In NYC no matter where I went, when walking somehow, I would always end up walking through Times Square

The challenge I did have was in the evenings. I can go into a coffee shop, cafe etc and sit alone comfortably but i had never quite managed a bar or restaurant.

After 3 days I realised I was missing out and went for it going into a bar on a saturday night…and the one I went into had a ton of English people innit!  I had my birthday out there too and I was determined to have a nice meal out so, I found a lovely Chinese Restaurant with a nice seating area outside where I perched myself. I had looks and there was a couple of so-called fashionistas smirking at me…so they got a look.  It did what it needed too and I had a lovely meal.

The world is huge and has so much for you to discover and learn. Do not allow yourself to be limited by cultural norms of how, when and where you should travel.

Research where you fancy going, arm yourself with knowledge, organise, be sensible with the choices you make and GO solo!!

You might be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover…about where you are…and who you are!

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