The Power to say NO

It’s okay to say no.

It’s okay to stop.

The amount of money and time that has been spent on the business is moot. It’s already gone, no refunds are coming.

We may have been doing more talking than action in our business so, we keep on because we are still valuing the opinion of others over our own needs.

To save face, we will often settle and let life pass us by, letting the situation manifest and drown us in negativity rather than admit the true reality to ourselves .

There is no set timer on anything we do, I do believe most things will find their way to their natural end.

All we know for sure is that our lives have an expiration date with a number of unknown factors that will come into our lives that either shorten or, extend our time.

Our gut feeling is our body’s natural defence system that so many of us ignore, sometimes with high consequences.

In my first private millinery course, I had a mixed group with the eldest in her 70’s with her daughter, to a pair of work friends in their 20’s. In one session the group started talking about their marriages; the good and bad. Pearl spoke of her late husband. You could tell she loved him and herself and her daughter needed a moment.

Next thing, we noticed that one of the work ladies was crying she turned to Pearl and said,

“Hearing you talk about your husband, I’ve realised I’ve made a huge mistake moving in with my boyfriend. I don’t love him and I need to leave him” She had literally moved him with him the week before. By the next class she was out.

My decision to close my millinery studio took me far longer to make.

The business became more of a rope around my neck, slowly draining the creativity out of me. In my gut I should have closed at least a year earlier than I did but, I fought it because I still had the wrong feelings about it, viewing the idea of closing as a massive failure as I spoke so much about what I was going to do rather than focusing and doing it. I wrote a great business plan that secured me a £9k loan.

I told myself I could sort this out and get myself back in the game but my gut finally took over and said;

“Bitch end this pain now, it’s time to do something else”

In December 2015 I finally did it and cutting the rope off my neck was a huge relief, I didn’t realise how much pressure I put myself under until I locked the Studio for the last time.

I knew I would start another business but in what was unknown so, I decided to take 12-18 months out to live a little, clear up debts and get my mindset back on track. My limiting beliefs had cost me a lot and, I wanted to deal with them because whatever I did next needed to financially sustain me. I’m done with Kat the Employee, I want to be Kat, the CEO.

Is there something you need to close the door on so you can make moves in your life?

This is your time to become more selective in your decision making, saying no as much as you say yes for your Personal/Professional Development? Both are powerful and can make a real difference to you and your Business.

I’m not saying be risk adverse and never try something new, how on earth could you progress or build on experiences if you never try anything?

I’m saying remember your Gut Feeling. Remember the times you didn’t listen to it but more importantly, remember when you did.

Ciao for now,


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