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The Journey of Hair

3 images of Katty Janneh wearing different headwear                   

For as long as I had my millinery business I would ALWAYS have something on my head.

Never, ever showing my hair. I hated it. I hated how it wouldn’t grow, I hated how little I could do with it unless I chemically straightened or texturized it. When I was a kid every Sunday,I would be on the floor whilst my mum plait my hair..sometimes so tight i was getting facelifts as a painful extra. One of my sisters learned to plait as well so I would go to her to get mine done every 10-12 weeks until she had her children.

Then she just didn’t have time. So, being a milliner was ideal for me because who better to show off the hats!?  It’s funny though because since closed my studio, I haven’t wanted to wear a Hat I don’t understand the reasons why but I think it might be more about uncovering myself and covering my hair suddenly felt like I was hiding a part of me.

So I finally learned to do my own hair….but I wasn’t that good and was awfully slow…especially when doing a whole new Yoga position to try and plait the back of my head! LAWD! But I got fed up to sitting there trying to do a good job.

So I cut it all off. Not to a Michaela Coel level but very short. Yep I did it myself…I have had an aversion to hairdressers from when I was a kid until my 20’s. Berating your customer for her hair is not going to inspire a repeat visit. And after the last one ruined my hair with over processing that after i washed it the first time my hair fell out!?


Only problem was I still didnt really know my hair enough and was afraid to try something new. Then by the off chance I had an opportunity to get a free makeover for a City & Guilds Course handbook. I went for it and loved my new look.

It was around the time that the Natural Hair movement was really kicking in and I did have some down comments on my social media to justify why I did it. Well I don’t have to explain shit.

Had enough policing over how my hair should look thank you and I dont have to justify my decisions. The hair is on my head…so none of anyone’s business KMT. Once in awhile I’ll get my hair plait but i’ve finally embraced my hair for what it is. I know what helps it grow and what works to condition mine so i’m good with it

Texture is 4c, no longer use shampoo, use a coconut oil based co-wash. Condition with an oil moisturizer then spritz with water then I seal with coconut oil or pure shea butter. I spritz with water midday (when I remember) I do the same procedure at night.Once a week I do a deep conditioning with a mix of 1 egg, honey, olive oil and coconut oil and steam for a good hour at least.

I have been lax since I got married in August so I’ve got to get back on my routine. I’ve ordered the Coco & Eve conditioner to try out.

I have also decided to try out a hairdresser. I’ve taken my plaits out and my hair has grown and needs shaping and trim. I am getting photos done for my blog so i’ve gotta look my best self…I’ll let you know how I get on!

Katty wearing a patterned top and a pair of brown and floral patterned sunglasses.

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