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Stressing ain’t Shit

As I suffer from depression, Stress can start a low point that can last for quite awhile and in me, triggers procrastination and limiting self beliefs.

Sometimes I have to admit, I invite it in. Especially when I am going to do something quite risky. I’ll sabotage myself by not doing the work then kick myself for doing the same shit over again.

It’s a cycle that has taken a long time to understand. I have had CBT therapy and I do some of the exercises on occasion to get myself back on track.

But I realised something. Stress is never going away. I kept feeling like I was failing because i thought the whole process was about making it vanish.

But that’s not going to happen. My stress tends to happen when I’m about to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it can manifest physically into severe headaches or tummy trouble. Neither goes away until I calm my mind down by speaking kindly to myself. Giving myself reminders as to why I am doing all this.

Remembering my why.

Remembering who I am and how far I have come.

Stress is always going to pop into our lives as we cannot control outside forces but ,we have to remember that we have a choice as to how long to let it stay with us and potentially, manifest into something harmful.

Think about what is stressing you and why.

Is there action that could be taken to alleviate this stress? Work it through and do your best to deal with it so that you can move on.

If the stress is brought about by limiting self beliefs or self-esteem that is a little harder to work through. In my case, reminding myself of what I have done really helps…as I tend to only focus on the crap…when I have so many good things to remember.

Getting to know yourself, understanding how and when you react is a real gift

Think about the thoughts you are having that are causing you the stress. Are they facts or opinions?

Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. It is not a weakness. it is a strength to recognise you need some help with some issues. If you can’t bring yourself round to doing this, how can you expect anything in your business to move in the way that you want if you can’t kick stress out when it is time for it to go.

To finish this, I wanted to share an example of finding oneself. My friend Karen made a video with Style by You where she shares her story of coming to terms with her depression and menopause. It is real and truly uplifting with Karen’s unique wit.

I hope you see what I see.

Until next time


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