Piss off Peer Pressure

Are you noticing all the 6 month marketing shit going around right now?

Honestly I want to tell them all to fuck off.

Yeah ok, so i am not where I want to be be yet, this ain’t about being bitter about it, a flower doesn’t just appear, it’s a seed first, then it blooms.

I know that there are some genuine people wanting to help, it is all about being able to connect with them through all this noise.

It’s a lot.

If you had a specific goal to achieve in 6 months then that is for you to review, and I hope you have achieved it.

Do not let others come in and become yet another voice in your head telling you how and what you should be doing.

You are more than capable of planning your own timetable, so write it then do it. Us entrepreneurs are out there wanting to solve a problem for our Customers.

Some use blame/guilt tactics to make one feel bad about oneself that will only get better if you sign up to what they offer. I fucking hate that…like if that is really how they work I hope they go under. 100% mean it, that is a shitty way to get your customers.

Some use the power of money; you know the ones, the 6-7 figure ones that guarantee you can too if you do A, B and C. There really are genuine ones who have shared with you how they have turned their lives around and are living their best life and, genuinely want to hear others do the same.

But yet again, there are far too many that use that same old self-blame, envy and guilt to coerce people to tick their box.

No. You and only you, understand why and where you are today, from how you grew up, you may have had some life changing shit to deal with that you had to reconcile with before you can step forward

So whatever your goals in terms of your life and work, believe in your path. It is not for anyone to come in and place markers. Someone wanting to walk beside you and help you get there? Great, let them walk with you because it is almost impossible have a successful business or working life by doing it all alone.

Ciao for now.

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