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It’s your Business, It’s your Time…Start

Perhaps you have been doing a class on the side for sometime and you have found that you are not too shabby at it.

You might be doing a job that pays the bills but is dulling your shine.

Or you’ve been at College perfecting your craft but they haven’t shared the business aspect of running a studio business.

There are only so many hours in the day but the business side of things is a pretty big thing to miss out on. I always knew that I wanted to have my own business so when applying to University, the Business Studies offer was a dealbreaker. Luckily for me i found the right course at Brighton University.

Knowing what I know now, I would tell you this;

Believe in yourself 100% that you can do this. 100% If you have any confidence or self esteem issues that are impacting on your life in anyway then you need to address them and learn how to manage them because they could seriously impede your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are able to invest in a creative mentor, join a membership site or undertake therapy, then I strongly recommend it. Having that support system around you as you begin this journey will be a worthy investment.

Take your time, make sure they are a fit for you. The creative mentor working with me did a Chemistry call with me first to see if we could work before she talked about her client program. I’ve paid a lorra money that was earmarked for bumping up debt repayments (don’t worry i still made my regular payments ) I simply decided to prioritise my wellbeing instead of my creditors who don’t give a shit about me.

If the above is not financially viable, there are still other ways to surround yourself.

Do you follow any business mentors on social media? just about all of them will deliver free content, videos & webinars and free workbooks to find Clients for their paying programs. Do you have friends in business? Who are they following and why?

Take a look at them and see if they connect with you. Podcasts, Books there are plenty of ways to surround yourself with positivity and support online and in real life. It may take time to find your people but, you are worth the investment so go and find them!

Who inspires you?

Who makes you laugh out loud with their candour and opinions?

Who do you like to follow as they hit their goals?

Ciao for now

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