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It’s my buff day and I’m going Solo ‘cause I want to

I’m a summer baby. Never had to be in school and it that was lush.

However my buffday comes at the beginning of the summer holidays so there would always be a few friends who would not be around whenever I planned my parties etc.

So I decided to stop organising them.

Don’t get me wrong I had some great birthdays but frankly, I got fed up of thinking about what other people would like to do with me on birthday…..especially when someone would always back out as the day came.

About 10 years ago my shite ex said he would come to Brighton with me as I wanted to go for my birthday. As the time got closer, he was blanking me and ignoring messages so I booked my own ticket.

(Yes that was the beginning of the end and fool got dumped)

Anyhoo, I think I took about 20 mins to get over getting ghosted and, as i strolled around the North Laines I realised I was actually enjoying myself. I could take my sweet time doing exactly what i wanted.

And that cemented it. From now on, i was celebrating my birthday solo.

Not interested in organising shit anymore.

the first year dating my now husband, he did arrange something but that was only because there was almost a guarantee he would get his leg over . Well we did have a good day heheheheh)

What ? TMI? Sorry not sorry it’s my blog yeah.

This Sunday my buffday comes around again and I’m having a day out by myself doing one of my favourite things that the majority of my friends and family near me do not like to do; visit Galleries & Exhibitions.

Get Up Stand up at Somerset House and Faith Ringgold at the Serpentine Gallery

Screenshot of Somerset house webpage featuring vertical panels of red, yellow, green, purple colours with the name in black thick font;get up stand up. There is the logo of Somerset house , a black angled square with Somerset house in white font

Then I’ll finish the day with a nice meal before I head home.

It is just so nice and a privilege to be acknowledge my buff day on my terms. I don’t any fussin’ I just to simply take some chill time doing something I love with no compromise and this one day is the perfect vehicle for it.

This is just a day out of 365. I know this is not for everyone. Loads of people I know like to have people around to acknowledge them and that’s cool. I like making a fuss of people.

But I am an introvert and people fussing over me is uncomfortable so I choose not to give people the opportunity to do something i just don’t like or need.

Ciao for now.

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