The Realness in Business Course is my move. I am going to work with people who are open to learning about the business side of their designer making and help them create a plan and bring it to fruition. I know, there are a ton of courses out there that do the same thing and you know what?

Good luck to them….I mean it! They have their clients and I have mine, there is room for my brand of business realism and I’m ready to take my seat at the Table…and I know I can help you get your seat too if you make the leap and sign onto one of my courses.

In the Realness in Business course, you will learn about the realities of running a creative business looking at how you create your product, pricing & promoting them and understand the ways in which you can connect with your customer.

By the end of the course I want you to be as proficient in business as you are as your craft. Become excited with the possibilities of what you could do with your craft.

If you want to monetise what you make, you have to get your head around how business works.

It is not a fairy tale, it’s life and I’m going to be real with you about what the journey entails and how it can disrupt your life in the best way.┬áSign up onto one of my courses and see how the work is real….but success can be too.

Please get in touch if you have questions or, you would like to schedule a clarity call for further information.

Investing in your self is an important move and I want to ensure that the course is right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Head shot of Katty Janneh toasting with a bottle of Malta drink

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