about me

My name is Katty Janneh.

For as long as I could remember, I have always wanted to work for myself. I think it stems from the constant barrage of people trying to fit me into a box,or punish me for not being their idea of the ‘right person from such a young age. Society, so-called friends and even some family who believe they are coming from a place of love.

My collections sold in Selfridges and in my London studio, I offered Bespoke & Production services working with private clients and designers such as Matthew Williamson, Lucia Silver of the L Boutique and Marc Powell Tailoring.

I also had side projects; Pop-up boutiques and an exhibition I co-produced annually at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London. I also did production work for bespoke Fashion designers such as Lucia Silver of The L Boutique and Marc Powell Tailoring.

I decided to close my studio as it was time for a change. My priorities changed and my business in its form was no longer one of them. Taking time out to move home, get married, find a job and lots of travel gave me time to breathe, have some gratitude for what I have achieved and decide what my next project would be.

In early 2018 I became a mentor with a group called You Make It. Based in East London they run an empowering programme aimed at marginalised women to help them realise their potential and hopefully find their direction. As I felt I did not have the ‘success’ I had wanted for my business, I was slightly concerned I would not be that inspiring for my mentee.

But how wrong I was!

It also made me realise that I am still asked things Business related. I like to stay in the loop, educating myself,  discovering new things and I find that people appreciated that.

So welcome to the world of Creative Business, I hope yo will find what I share here informative and beneficial to your practice.