about me

My name is Katty Janneh and was a milliner for 15 years.

My collections sold in Selfridges and I had a Bespoke service For the Wedding & occasion Markets. I also had side projects; Pop-up boutiques and an exhibition I co-produced annually at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London. I also did production work for bespoke Fashion designers such as Lucia Silver of The L Boutique and Marc Powell Tailoring.

I decided to close my studio as it was time for a change. My priorities changed and my business was no longer one of them. Taking time out to move home, get married, find a job and lots of travel gave me time to escape, have some gratitude for what I have achieved and decide what my next project would be.

In early 2018 I became a mentor with a group called You Make It. Based in East London they run an empowering programme aimed at marginalised women to help them realise their potential and hopefully find their direction.As I felt I did not have the ‘success’ I had wanted for my business, I was slightly concerned I would not be that inspiring for my mentee.

But how wrong I was!

It also made me realise that I am still asked things Business related. I like to stay in the loop and discovering new things and I found people appreciated that.

The Realness in Business is my new platform where I can share the knowledge that my peers positively responded to.

I’m not here to sell you a dream..

This Blog is about sharing the realities of the entrepreneurial journey

One of the best courses I went on was a start your own business course my local business hub arranged. A particular lady was honest about her struggle…honest about what going for her dream meant for her life at the time. I have always preferred people to be direct and upfront with me…I may not like what’s being said…but i’ll respect it.

If what you find here puts you off having your own business then to be frank, it’s better you find out now rather than further down.

if what you discover on this blog does not deter you for a minute?

Welcome aboard the Entrepreneurial train, and take your seat so I can tell you some things!…the journey might be jumpy at times…but what you might discover along the way might be the making of you!