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                           THE REALNESS IN BUSINESS TALKS


will be launching a series of Panel Talks, Workshops and Events in 2020.

Engaging in powerful discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs around the realities of being in Business.

By is, from us. As one who is too used to being the ‘only one in the room’ I realised that I was not alone. That there are many of us entrepreneurs thinking we are the ones feeling the struggles when there really is a network of us steadily finding and, supporting each other as we grow our businesses.

The world of Business is taking its sweet time in inclusivity.

So lets create our own.


Some people prefer working in their own time, and The Realness in Business school accommodates that. But for those who can handle intensive learning to kickstart your growth?

Then The Realness in Business Weekend Workshops will be the one for you. Understand the key parts that you need to know to start your creative business.
The days of the struggling maker is done.

It is time for the successful maker to come.through.

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The Struggle is Real

But Success can be too.

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