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Determine your Worth

For the past few months, I have been working with a Creative Mentor.

I know what I want to do and I do have a strong work ethic but, my confidence and self-esteem have taken a little battering over the years and have impacted my progression on The Realness in Business.

For a long time, I viewed my millinery as a failure because I did not fulfil the specific goals I had made for the business. Because of this negative frame of mind, I enabled other people’s value of me priority over my own as I felt so shit about myself.

My mentor could not believe what I was saying because all the other things I have done.

Because I have never, ever just done one thing. From college where I had to work part-time and also in my business, I have built up experience in retail, fashion and education as well as my millinery skills.

I have also co-produced pop-up shops and Exhibitions. My Mentor was incredulous that I could not see the value in what I had achieved so far. I was too busy viewing myself through the lenses of others.

Then it dawned on me what I had been doing to manage my time. To juggle everything, I would compartmentalise each area, not allowing them to dilute into each other as I could not risk losing any work. Whatever i was doing, I made myself present until i was no longer required, lock the door on it then, move onto the next thing.

All my experiences are the backbones of my upcoming course but I have been focused on the business aspects rather than acknowledging the knowledge I’ve gained so far.

I don’t let my friends & Family do it to themselves so, why the fuck can’t I take my own fucking advice eh?

I’m really annoyed at myself at how much time I’ve wasted on this negativity.

If there was a PHD in Procrastination, I’d get top honours!

That loved one who is giving you unsolicited advice?

Well unless they have been in business, they know fuck all about the journey you are on so why take in their words?

Family don’t make it right yeah.

No-one else should be allowed the power to determine your value, not even your customers. Your prices are your choice. Whether they pay it depends on whether you have been able to successfully convince them of your value through your communication.

You and your work will not be for everyone and that’s ok, they are not your people.

Maintain your focus on connecting with the ones who are, the ones who want to support you and your goals.

Ciao for now.

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